J + K StoreHouse

Logo design and brand start for an eBay and Amazon whole sale business. The J and K are based on the names of the owners. They wanted a strong base to build off into different brand directions. By using the + mark as part of the brand mark, I was able to design an easily recognized pattern in any medium.

One fun aspect of this project is I was able to utilize our personally built Extendo Font available here >.


  • Color schematics
  • Logo design
  • Creative strategy
  • Signage design

Logo design

Splash page design

aerotenna logo

Eric O.

“That’s a fantastic color palette. Love it all the way around. Gives it this very regal, high-end, legit, feel to the pieces. The treatment on the + over the products on the pop-up banners is a lovely touch – kinda elegant when paired with everything. Nice combos on the lockups too! Everything’s really well balanced and will sit real nice in every use case. Killer work!”

Pop up banner design

Technology page with custom icons

Logo variations & social icons

Micro Sharp 3d rendering with custom icon

T-Shirt design

Micro Sharp 3d rendering with custom icon


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