Highlight Insurance

Highlight Insurance kicked off work with Brian White Design with a web app redesign. The project grew into merging it with an online site and making it mobile friendly.

As the project developed the need for an iOS / Android application came up. I was tasked with the user interface design and layout of the app. I partnered with our local developers who used xamerin to speed up the delivery process to both platforms. I utilized libraries to keep the project organized and easy to edit.

Highlight realized my skills went further than the screen and I developed advertisements, social media marketing, letterhead, and more during the year.

Before I was tasked to do the iOS version, I designed an initial responsive web application. The original brand coloring was too dark, so we decided to move forward into brighter blues and gradients to give it more life. You can see this after the original web application design below.


  • Color schematics
  • Logo design
  • Creative strategy
  • Identity design
  • Website design
  • Bootstrap web development
  • iOS / Android app design
  • Icon design
  • Print Design

Logo design

Brand Guidelines

App Design

iOS/Android application design

Mortgage calculator

aerotenna logo

John Lummis

Principle / Highlight Insurance

“I really like your work—great job… and thanks for the quick turn around.”

Web site design

Technology page with custom icons

Web site design

Technology page with custom icons

Icon design

Micro Sharp 3d rendering with custom icon

Identity design

Micro Sharp 3d rendering with custom icon


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