I had the opportunity to be #interviewed by Jason Frostholm of the @CreativeSouth #Podcast during Creative South 2017. Jason’s a great guy and easy to talk to – and does a stellar job on the podcasts. We are small Patreon’s for it. I talk about side projects, painting, and printmaking, as well as Creative South and the family it creates.

Scotty Russell is a great guy and a cheerleader for the design community. Stay tuned right after my section for his. He loves pizza too. 🙂

-Brian White

Creative South Podcast
From the Creative South podcast: Today we’re continuing with a series of short conversations recorded live at Creative South 2017. In this episode, I’m joined by special guest co-host Zack Wilkinson. We talk with Brian White of TriLion Studios in Lawrence, Kansas and Scotty Russell of Perspective Collective about their paths in the creative world. Listen here