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By learning the basics of components and how they can help your interactive design.  Quickly create components (like symbols) in Figma that work for you by stretching for responsive design, build easy compositions, and edit on the fly. This class walks through the entire system of components, and how each are built in a step by step process. This class also goes deep into how to use components to speed up your User Interface Design process and easily create different variations of the same component. By breaking each component down into separate videos, you can quickly jump to components that you need help with and not get overwhelmed.  This Figma beginner class will give you the tools to launch your User Interface Career.

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Each class comes with a printable PDF certificate after completion. 

Resources: Connect with Brian on InstagramFacebook and TwitterHave questions from the class? Please email me here.

Make a web design or web application page using components and the skills taught on this class.

Follow Brian’s process to build out a component filled web page. Some questions to look at during your build:

What components do you use the most?
Are there more questions you would like answered?
How do you save your component systems?

What this class tackles:

  1. Menu components and setup.

  2. Form components and how to build master form components.

  3. Client changes – quickly shift design by editing master components.

  4. Buttons – master responsive button components and secondary buttons with different states.

  5. Floating menu – easily change the original menu into a floating menu by editing components.

  6. Button with icons – building buttons with multiple icons and active states ie: social media buttons.

  7. Selection components – radio buttons and check boxes with active states. 

  8. Tab components – using responsive components to easily add new tabs and show the active state.

  9. Tables – using components to speed up your design build and dynamically change the content. 

  10. Block-quote callout – How to make a block-quote design with three different areas and how to make it responsive to the content. 

  11. Pricing tables – using 1 component to build out a quick 3 column pricing table that shifts to your design.
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Really useful information about components with many examples of how to implement. The classes move quite fast, but found that this encouraged me to work quickly to keep up, which felt good. I contacted Brian about an issue with one of the videos and he fixed it same day which was incredibly helpful. Definitely worth a watch if you want to improve your efficiency using Figma. Thanks Brian for the great class!

Jacob Dunbar


Good for anyone who wants to familiarise themselves with UI design software, particularly Figma of course. ... I had barely any knowledge on how to use Figma, by the end of this class, I can definitely say that I know where the tools and menus are in the interface. Also, the concept of components will save me A LOT of time in the future, especially in designs were repetition is involved. Getting on to part 2 of the Bootcamp course soon. 🙂

Catena D.


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