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Multiple Disciplines.



In a constantly shifting and changing corporate world, you need a logo and brand that will stand the test of time. You need stability and longevity. I design brands with precision and care, offering ideas that will communicate today and still connect tomorrow.

web design Kansas City Lawrence KS


Your website should be easy: Easy to find in a search engine, easy to view on any device, and easy for you to update. You’ll get a custom site that looks good, works well and stays current.

I specialize in custom WordPress sites that make it easy to add or change content whenever you want.


Original art is incredible to have in your home and workplace, it can literally shape your day. I am currently focusing on landscape abstractions with acrylic on canvas. Fall commissions available for gifts at this time.

Freelance Illustrator Contract Illustration Kansas City Lawrence KS


I’ve done 40-foot illustrations for a traveling amusement park, editorials, posters, van wraps, and digital stickers. Whatever the medium, whatever the format, if you need eye-catching custom illustration, we can deliver. I offer frequent input and review to keep costs down and you happy.

web design Kansas City Lawrence KS


Your mobile and desktop app needs to look good and work even better. Whether it’s web based, iOS or Android, I can design and build an interface that’s a pleasure to use.

Freelance Illustrator Contract Illustration Kansas City Lawrence KS


Pixel dimensions shift and change with every new device. I make my icons with precision and scalable for use in almost any application.


Unique and high contrast make this art easy to read and create a statement. Whether you want a custom print for a gift or an editorial illustration, I can deliver.


I love to shoot nature and landscapes, but the fun happens when I do portrait sessions. I shoot for business professionals, students, and families using natural light or subtle strobes. I also supplement my web site designs with personal product and environmental shots.

web design Kansas City Lawrence KS


People do judge a book by its cover, which is why packaging design is so crucial. I’ll do competitive analysis and market research to give your design a solid foundation and a package that works. You’ll end up with something more than packaging, a design that helps sell your product.

print design Kansas City Lawrence KS


When you need an eye-catching, real world piece that people can hold in their hands, I can deliver. I do business cards, posters, postcards, brochures, booklets and more.


Supporting Creatives

It's a scary and uncertain time right now due to Covid-19.  I wanted to share some creative resources for those who are freelancers and contractors to help during this season. Please feel free to send more resources for me to add to this list:...

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Promiseland Christ Fellowship had worked with us before on a few smaller pieces, but we were excited when they asked us to brand their new multi-million dollar kids ministry.  The mark for Promiseland would need to incorporate growth, and resonate with a large...

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Jo Jo Bird Branding

Jo Jo Bird Branding

Jo Jo Bird Branding Artist and musician Joanna Beard has been singing, playing, and painting for decades. She is both an incredible artist and musician. She wanted to simple logo mark to recognize and brand her multiple talents. SERVICES Color schematics Creative...

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